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Stacey Martin, LMA

stacey martin, c2 aesthetics, facials, esthetician

Licensed Medical Aesthetician

Stacey Martin, LMA CLT is an experienced Medical Esthetician and Laser Technician that is passionate
about helping her patients look and feel their absolute best. Stacey's background in dermatology,
medical research, education and customer service has allowed her the tools to make her patients' skin
look better than ever before. 
Stacey is well known in Pflugerville Texas for her work at a prominent dermatology office for the last 10+
years prior to joining C2 Aesthetics. Stacey is an expert in establishing rapport with her patients and they
often report that she made the experience much more enjoyable than they could have expected. Her
reputation includes precise attention to detail, creating a comfortable atmosphere and helping even the
most discerning patients reach their skincare goals.
Stacey began her professional career by getting a bachelor's degree in Education at Sam Houston State
University and realized aesthetics and skin care were her true passion after teaching and working in
child care. Stacey studied at Avenue Five Institute in Austin and the National Laser Institute in Dallas
Texas to gain her esthetician and laser licenses respectively. She went on to master her craft at a busy
dermatology practice as the lead medical esthetician. Stacey is proficient in all types of skincare
procedures from dermaplaning, personalized facials and chemical peels to more advanced options
including PRP, microneedling and cutting-edge laser treatments.

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