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Tetra Co2 - CoolPeel

Tetra CO2 laser, also known as the CoolPeel® laser, is a technology designed for skin resurfacing and is specifically known for its CoolPeel treatment. The CoolPeel treatment is claimed to offer fully ablative results without causing significant thermal damage to surrounding tissues, thus minimizing downtime for patients. The technology utilizes H-Pulse, which stands for high-peak-power short pulse. This type of pulse is designed to provide an ablative treatment without generating excessive heat that could lead to thermal damage. By minimizing thermal damage, the downtime associated with the procedure is said to be reduced.

The CoolPeel treatment aims to achieve impressive superficial skin-resurfacing results. Skin resurfacing procedures, in general, are intended to address issues such as fine lines, wrinkles, and uneven skin texture by removing outer layers of skin and stimulating collagen production.

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Benefits of

Tetra CO2

  • Brown Spots

  • Fine Lines

  • Pigment

  • Scars, including Acne Scars

  • Sun Spots

  • Wrinkles


The Ultimate Dou

Vrtue RF + CoolPeel

While VirtueRF and CoolPeel continue to revolutionize the aesthetics industry with their stunning, safe results, the outcomes are even better when combined.

  • Tailored Treatment Options: VirtueRF’s three unique handpieces and CoolPeel’s Pulse Shape Design (PSD) accommodate a wide range of skin types, tones, conditions, and areas.

  • Patient Comfort: The pairing maximizes patient comfort with little to no downtime, combining CoolPeel’s minimal thermal damage with VirtueRF’s Robotic Precision Delivery and Sub-Pulse Technology.

  • No Recovery Downtime: Sessions take 25 to 40 minutes total, and with minimal side effects and zero downtime, patients can return to their regular routines that same day. 

  • Skinclusive: The Ultimate Duo accommodates the full spectrum of skin tones, types, and pigments—a marked improvement from previous resurfacing procedures, which were only effective for lighter skin tones.

  • Competitive ROI: By treating more patients within a shorter time, you can maximize client load while delivering best-in-class results.

  • Low Consumable Costs: With minimal operating costs, the pairing will continue driving your profits years into the future.

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